What We’ve Learned

While we did a lot for the project, the project also did a lot for us, and we each grew in different ways because of it.


I know that for me, the greatest challenge and learning experience from the project was the leadership aspect itself. While not the first time I’ve had “leadership experience”, it was certainly the first time it came with so much responsibility. The independent nature of the project meant that a professor or teacher wasn’t guiding or organizing it. Because of this, I learned lots of valuable lessons about time management, organization, and responsibility.

I’ve also learned my shortcomings. Coming into college as a freshman this year, I was very energetic and optimistic — and also naive. My goal in the beginning was to get programming experience writing a quiz online from scratch. Over the course of the year, however, I had to learn my limitations and humble myself enough to admit that I didn’t have the skill set to do that, and find another way to achieve the team goals.

Because of this, the project has already been worth it for me and a success in my life.


I learned a lot about a wide variety of both domestic and exotic animals. I also was able to gain knowledge on animal dumping and invasive species. I had to learn many different techniques of quiz making as well.


Brooke and Chey talk about their experience with the project

I learned a multitude of things while working on this project. Although I learned about the animals in general, this project also helped me understand the pros and cons of each animal as a companion, and really understand why people enjoy certain animals such as snakes or chinchillas as pets. I also learned time management, as working with each animal was extremely time consuming at first, and trying to accomplish that on top of my other schoolwork was a challenge. However, I eventually learned how to balance both and be efficient with my time. I also noticed my leadership skills develop as I delegated certain animals to Chey and myself, and had to motivate both of us at times to overcome our challenges and complete our task.


In this project I have learned about how to communicate questions, difficulties, and progress more effectively. In past group projects, I failed to communicate questions that I have had or difficulties, and the project does not meet its full potential. In this project, I feel as though I accomplished those goals. This project really helped my interpersonal growth. I also learned a lot about animals. More than once since beginning this project, people have communicated to me problems or questions they have concerning their pets. Even without purpose, I have been able to make effective suggestions tailored to specific pets regarding problems or questions because of this project.

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