What Makes Our Project Unique?

“Animal articles? A pet matching quiz? Don’t those already exist?”

They do. So you may be wondering why we decided to take on the project we did. There were several reasons for this.


Many of these websites, while they do exist, tend to lack one or more of the elements we sought to put into the website. What we sought to do with our site is create a aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, well-researched, and interactive source of information for the user.


What is very apparent from many websites, whether they are wildlife or pet sites, is that they give a “2002” vibe. By that, we simply mean they don’t look very modern or updated, and often don’t entice users to continue further or return on future occasions. While certainly not the most intrinsically important, people eat with the eyes first, so to speak.

Ease of Use

Another common issue, though certainly not limited to pet websites, is a disjointed or confusing set up to the website. When working on the project, one goal we had in mind was to only complicate the website as much as necessary in order for the user to get the most out of it. Our goal was not to create a website with the most sections, the most complex graphic designs, or any artificial impression of extra effort that didn’t actually benefit the user. We believe this mindset was crucial to the final result, and is part of the reason our website stands out.


Possibly the most important part of the project, the research was a major goal of the project. We sought to be a source people could trust, and truly learn from. This meant countless hours of research done by Brooke and Cheylyn to ensure that our information was accurate. We also wanted to be able to guide people to other helpful sources, so that our website could not only be helpful in itself, but also in what it lead to. Obviously, we are not trying to copy-and-paste every other website’s articles into our website, and there will be information we don’t cover. We aren’t afraid to admit we don’t have all the information on the internet in our articles. Because of this, we aren’t afraid to guide others to it — especially to prevent them from getting misinformation elsewhere.

The quality and quantity of research put into the project makes us confident that our website stands out from many poorly researched, or pop-culture/entertainment sources of information.


What do we mean by interactive? Quite simply, we didn’t just want to throw heaps of information at the user and hope they found the right portion of that information that would actually benefit them. That is where the quiz comes into play. Users are able to take a short quiz and instantly narrow down what pets they are most suited for. This saves substantial amounts of independent research the user would have to do in order to come to a similar conclusion. While all the information on our site is accessible to everyone, regardless of quiz recommendations, the assessment will give users a reliable and smart place to start.

A Cohesiveness That Other Sites Don’t Have

We are certainly not claiming that all other sites lack all of these elements. Rather, we believe most simply lack a couple of the elements that would complete the picture. This is where our website shines. “Pets! Not Regrets” provide a cohesive, consolidated pet site to do much of the work a user now doesn’t have to do.

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