The Success of the Project

We identified a problem. We found a solution. But how well did that solution work? We are happy to say that the project turned out as well as we’d hoped for. Everything came together, from the research to the design, to create a cohesive and easily usable website for users. We’ve also talked to students here on campus to get their thoughts on the website, and the response was as we had hoped: they believe the website is easy to use and provides information they would use when considering a future pet.

If this project helps even one person understand the challenges and rewards of each pet and makes a smart decision on what pet they want, then I believe we did our job. We also hope to shift ownership/maintenance of the website to Lend-a-Paw (an animal-oriented club here on campus) to keep the project alive even after the competition. We truly believe this project has a bright future and are excited to see where it goes.

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