Status Update

Project Overview

The problem we seek to solve: Our project deals with all of the animals who are bought by eager people who have no idea what they’re actually doing. Sometimes, these pets are discarded when they can’t be returned; if they are domestic, they will end up in a shelter. If they are exotic, they are released back into the wild with no natural survival skills. Other times, the pet or the person will end up getting hurt because of something either of them does wrong.

The Solution: Our team is looking to prevent any harm to both animals and humans. To do this, we are creating a website for people looking to buy pets. There will be all kinds of information about the pet, from average cost, to temperament, to how much exercise they need. A key feature of the website will be a quiz, where those seeking to get a pet can find out the pets they are most suited for.

The Pitch

In the pitch, we described the problem listed above. Our goal with our website, Pets! Not Regrets, is to create a hub of information where pet owners can go to learn about their pet. The key feature of this website will be a quiz that allows the user to narrow down what pets they are most suited for. In order to meet these goals, we asked for and received 350 dollars in the pitch.

Below is the feedback received:

·         They really liked your project, and agree that your plan will help meet your goals.

·         You seemed to have a workable plan for carrying out your solution, but suggested that you rely on documented experts for the information you distribute.

·         They encouraged you to work on exploring the mechanisms of search engine optimization, to help you move to the top of Google search lists.

·         They encouraged you to focus some of your problem solving energy on making this sustainable. They suggested that this would be something that advertisers would be interested in sponsoring, and that this would make the project sustainable over the long run.


Since the pitch, we have been working to bring together the project in a few key ways. First of all, two team members have been working on gathering credible research on different animals, so as to make sure the information provided is reliable. Additionally, two team members have been looking into coding for the quiz, so as to actually incorporate it into the website. In terms of the progress still to be done, we need to put the information collected into well-written articles, as well as code the quiz. The quiz is more of a challenge than expected, and so we have reached out to Dr. McGregor in hopes that he can find us a computer science student willing to join the project and aid in the coding. Additionally, while the website has been created, it still has yet to be finished.

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